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"Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Domain Names and related topics of law continue to be among the fastest growing specialized practice areas nationwide."  

Intellectual Property Paralegals 

The field of Patent Law is a complex one.  A patent paralegal is a specialized paralegal whose duties range from assistance with patent research, preparing support documents for patent filings in both US and international jurisdictions. He/she may also perform legal research for patent litigation proceedings, etc. Patent paralegals work with a registered patent attorney or patent agent and handle the patent admininstration involved with patenting inventions, securing patent protection and assistnce with its maintenance and enforcement.

Trademark paralegals are valued by their attorneys both in private practice and corporations. They have become invaluable “partners” in the practice. The trademark practice involves trademark research, investigation, preparing and supervising domestic and international filings, and constant policing and monitoring.


Since no single patent or trademark attorney is authorized to practice in several jurisdictions, and it becomes necessary to seek foreign counsel to address the patent or trademark coverage needed in those jurisdictions; thus the role of the Intellectual Property paralegal often utilized to supervise and coordinate the assistance of that foreign counsel.


Paralegals cannot practice law, including trying a case in court, or providing any legal opinions, many do not have the technical background to grasp the intricacies of an invention; however, the patent or trademark administrative tasks greatly assist the attorney and the paralegal becomes a vital team member to the patent or trademark process.


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